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What our customers are saying......

Jen has been taking Bella for a few years. As a puppy she had so much energy and she was very bright. Jen helped us to understand her and we are so grateful. Bella know Jen as “Jen Jen” and her ears prick up and tail wags and she is so excited. She is such a different dog and so much calmer. Jen is amazing. She has such a calming approach and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jen you have been amazing.

Jane Alexander

My dog, Raffi used to be a street dog in Bulgaria. She is a mix of many things, including Husky, German Shepherd and Labrador we think. When we got her she had a lot of issues, including aggression towards people and other dogs. We were also told by another supposed dog expert that because she had Husky in her, we would never be able to let her off the lead, as she would never come back. Well, all that has changed since she has been seeing Jen. She is working wonders with Raffi and has sorted out her issues with aggression and she is now a friendly, confident dog. Jen has also enabled my dream of being able to let Raffi off the lead to come true. With her help and expertise, Raffi can now run free and she does come back!! In short, Jen is an awesome dog trainer, who not only trains your dog, but also teaches you in the nicest possible way to be a good, responsible dog owner too. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jenny Robson

We have a 6 year old German Shepherd, Nala, who is anxious and reactive to a lot of things when on walks, especially other dogs. We initially took her to Jen's group classes over a year ago and she did well but she needed some more intense individual training as Nala was still very reactive when out and about.

Jen has been working with her on a weekly basis and Nala's behaviour is gradually improving. We are really happy that we have seen some improvement as we were beginning to think Nala's behaviour would not change. A work in progress but definitely progress! Thank you very much Jen xxx

Nereshnee Balakumar

We’ve had two great sessions with Jen now and already seeing such a huge difference with our hyper active pup Bella. She even picked up on some unknown behaviours with our older dog Ludo and he’s all the happier for it. Thank you so much and couldn’t recommend you highly enough!

Nikki Stewart

I got my puppy in April 17 (Cockerpoo) and wanted to enrol Buster into a training programme.

I chose Jen because of her excellent qualifications.

She has been absolutely fantastic with her 1.2.1 and her indepth knowledge of dog behaviour is helping me to acheive the dog I want Buster to be. She has helped me and my family to understand what causes the way he behaves and why he behaves as he does by explaining things in a direct but understandable manner.

She is a happy person and very passionate about her job and makes the training sessions fun for all the family. But most of all she has such a fantastic way with Buster, he adores her so much.

She doesn't just tell us how to train him but how to look after and love him and how to bring the best out of him. She is always available and makes time to help you outside of training sessions. But I'd also like to say her knowledge is not just of training but of the well being of Buster such as feeding, choosing the right toys and chews, I cannot recommend her enough. And when my training ends (if it ever does) I know I would miss her and my Buster would hate me.

Janice Cash

Jenny is an excellent trainer patient and knowledgable and Samson loves her .

The kennels couldn’t believe the difference she had made .

Thanks from all of us !!!

Dawn Heaney

I can't recommend Jen highly enough.

Me and my dog reactive pug Boss have been seeing jen for 7 months now, we attend the group training classes and have used 1-2-1 sessions too. Jen trains not just the dogs but more importantly the owners , I now understand how my dog thinks and can then assess situations differently making my dog much happier and calmer . Fantastic service

Claire Negus

Jen has been our super nanny for dogs, she has do much ch knowledge to share snd Jazz absolutely loves her which is great. If she doesn't have the answer straight away she will get back to you after she has digested all the facts.

I would recommend Jen to anyone getting or who already has a dog, she is at one with them all 🐕

Claire Brant

Jen is so knowledgeable, shes got a super way with her ...both Lulu and us like Jen...

She is able to put over to you, about the dogs behaviour in such away ,it make sense..looking forward to our next 121

Sonia Colton

Jen's training classes were brilliant, Oscar, I and the children had a great time at them. Jen is really friendly and helpful, and always has good ideas for the sessions. She walks you through step by step, and you get an awful lot out of the hour. Would definitely recommend :)

Clare McCaughren

Jen is a fantastic trainer with so much enthusiasm and fun to be around. Bella thoroughly enjoyed her weekly training sessions and I'm going to book some further sessions as these are so beneficial to her and us. Looking forward to the next one! We have learnt so much from Jen and are continuing with the training and Bella is a wonderful dog.

Jane and Adam 

Jen is amazing at her work and as a person. She is so full of enthusiasm and makes training lessons fun too. I recommend her most highly!!

Karen Curran

Jen is an amazing trainer. She certainly knows her stuff. Highly qualified as an IMDT trainer. We attend group lessons which our rescue dog just adores. We have also had a 1 - 2 -1 in our home so that she could see Jasper in situ. We are still working through our rescue dogs quirks but with Jens help we'll all get there

Celia Bateson

Great classes full of fun and knowledge- Jen is lovely. Can't wait for the next block!

Gill Prosser